Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Caino's BBQ presents Tommy Rich on July 31!

On July 31, former NWA World's heavyweight champion Tommy "Wildfire" Rich will come to the Premier Wrestling Federation to challenge King Corino for the PWF Heavyweight championship!

The legendary TV star is sponsored by Caino's BBQ, the official BBQ of the PWF, and will be having lunch at Caino's on Friday afternoon and then will be signing autographs during Club VIPWF at 6:30PM.

Does Tommy Rich have one last great performance left in him to win the gold belt from the 6-time champion, King Corino?

"A lot of people don't realize that Tommy Rich was my first hero in pro-wrestling. I loved his style and what he stood for. Our personal relationship over the years has been shaky at best, but its an honor to defend the PWF championship against him in Hubert." said King Corino.

Advance tickets are available now!

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