Monday, June 1, 2015

June 26-Revolution Against Evolution...and more!

Lots of big news from PWF "Champion's Challenge" and updates about our next event, "Revolution Against Evolution" coming on Tuesday. 

We apologize for the lack of updates on the main page. But that will be updating regularly now!


  1. Jakob seems to find a way to win, but Joe Black is a tough all-around'er. Should be an interesting bout. Timmy Lou seemed like a fan favorite, but if he's lined up with Reggie against Jagger, his star is falling. Mystery partner? Interesting. I wonder if it will be a familiar face like CW or Zane or some new blood?
    The Corinos vs the Ciceros! Good heavens this just gets better and better. Colby could have his share of bruises from the old guard, and I hope the King can contain himself if they start getting dirty with his son.
    Boxing match? Marcky vs Victor! Reach and speed vs power and viciousness. Should be a lot of fun!

  2. Well Jakob, you seem to have a Rocky-like ability to come back from damage, but Joe is the next level: piles of moves, tons of athleticism, and the build and look to carry the day. You have some magic in you, but will it be enough to overcome "The Cloud"?
    I look forward to rooting you on.

  3. Jagger, Reggie and Timmy Lou both could give you a run. Together, you will need a hell of a partner to slow them down. I hope your mystery partner has the chops to compete with those two, and to be a worthy partner to a great competitor.