Sunday, January 18, 2015

Results and Fall Out From Soul Survivor!

The Road To WrestleBowl III took us to our first event of 2015 at the SBSA Bingo Hall in Hubert, "Soul Survivor".

This event was a roller coaster of emotions and actions.

Right from the beginning, President Foxx threw his format up in the air, as reigning PWF Heavyweight champion, Cedric Alexander flanked by The Angry Monster C and Mad Dog Josh Powers started Soul Survivor out with a challenge. And that challenge was quickly answered by Joe Joe Dancer, King Corino, and CW Anderson. 

Mayhem ensued and at the end, Joe Joe Dancer scored another pinfall victory over Cedric Alexander. That makes Joe Joe 2-0 as he goes into the WrestleBowl III PWF Heavyweight title match on February 13!

The tag team titles are once again safe in the arms of F1rst Generation. They outlasted both Colby Corino and TK Stark and reigning champions, Jagger and Nitestic Eddie Brown to become the 31st PWF tag team champions.

In what many in attendance are already calling the "2015 Match Of The Year", Black Cloud Joe Black and Country Jacked Corey Hollis! And what happened after with PWF Jr. Heavyweight champion, Colby Corino, is something to be seen.

In December, Katie Taylor announced that her "Boyfriend" Christoph Rockwell would be returning to the PWF at Soul Survivor. What she didn't know was that Rockwell played her to get reinstated and it was Chasity Taylor that showed her true colors. And if Jagger has anything to do with it, Rockwell will NEVER get the PWF Heavyweight championship around his waist again.

Jakob Hammermeier become the number one contender to the Crystal Coast Openweight title, being the Soul Survivor defeating Reggie Reason, Zane Riley, and Chuck Payne. He now goes into WrestleBowl III to face Nitestic Eddie Brown for the crown.

We had our first Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment offer title match, as the very popular Livewire champion, Fabulous Frankie Fontaine successfully defended the title against Officer Powers of The Law.

And the very hated Hector Sanchez, El Sucio Hector Sanchez got back on the winning ways, as he defeated Kid America is a great contest.

The 2014 PWF Year End Awards were also announced.

PWF MVP: Jagger

PWF Tag Team of the Year: F1rst Generation
PWF Match of the Year: The Extreme Horsemen vs. The Monster C & Mad Dog Josh Powers-October 19

PWF Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: American Tiger Colby Corino
PWF Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: Nitestic Eddie Brown

We now look forward to WrestleBowl III on Friday night, February 13 in Hubert. 


Premier Wrestling Federation "Soul Survivor"
January 16, 2015
Hubert Bingo Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Soul Survivor: Joe Joe Dancer, King Corino, & CW Anderson beat Cedric Alexander, The Monster C, & Mad Dog Josh Powers (19:52).
     Order of Elimination: Corino by Alexander-pinfall, Anderson and Powers-count out, C-Joe Joe-over the top rope DQ, and Alexander by Joe Joe-pinfall.
2. El Sucio Hector Sanchez submitted Kid American (8:21) with a Figure 4 Leglock.
3. SWE Livewire title: Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (c) pinned Officer Powers (The Law) after a splash (5:35)
4. Fan Choice Series #1: Black Cloud Joe Black beat Country Jacked Corey Hollis (14:39) after a Spear.
5. Christoph Rockwell submitted Emmanuel Bodega (7:01) with the Christoph Clutch.
6. #1 Contender for the Crystal Coast Openweight title, Soul Survivor rules: Jakob Hammermeier defeated Reggie Reason, Zane Riley, & Chuck Payne.
    Order of Elimination: Payne by Riley-pinfall, Riley by Reason-pinfall, and Reason by Hammermeier-pinfall.
7. PWF Tag Team Titles, V1 defense: F1rst Generation beat Jagger (c) & Nitestic Eddie Brown (c), Colby Corino & TK Stark to become the 31st champions.
    Order of Elimination: Stark by Anthony-pinfall and Brown by Anthony-pinfall.


  1. Howdy,
    Thanks to CW for the ring-side shout-out on the shirt I got him. Really surprised he wore it in the ring! What a kick! Loved his work in the Tommy Dreamer matches, and the Too Cold Scoprio match.
    Hey, the spinebuster is an established finisher, if you keep having people kick out of it, it throws the story off some. CW does it as well as AA ever did.
    Great talker, great presence, sells as well as anyone. Even when his opposition isn't snappy, he makes it work.
    Great to see him thump it out with MDJP, and I really look forward to seeing the dog-collar match.

  2. Way to go Jakob! I feel like there is more in his game to see. Fun talker, great character, great sells, good moves. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen a build up (five moves of doom) or his finisher? Does he have a signature finisher?