Monday, December 1, 2014

President Foxx Makes Historic Announcement

After spending the holiday weekend gathering and looking at all of the evidence regarding the controversial title match between Cedric Alexander and Jagger on November 23, President Bert Foxx has issued this statement.

"We at the PWF are not perfect. We will never claim to be. On November 23, it had seemed that Jagger had won the Premier Wrestling Federation heavyweight championship from Cedric Alexander.

But then both Ervin Peacock (PWF ring announcer) and I saw Mr. Alexander's foot on the ropes. We pointed the foot on the rope to referee James Hunter. Hunter then made the decision to re-start the match. I did not make him do that. This is where it gets sticky.

For the last 13 plus years, the referee's decision is always final in the PWF. Therefore, I can not overturn James Hunter's decision to re-start the match. 

The decision to re-start the match was not Mr. Hunter's fault. He did what he thought was best and, in the same spot, I would have done the same thing.

BUT I can make these rulings:

Firstly, Cedric Alexander will defend the PWF Heavyweight championship on Friday, February 13, at WrestleBowl II against...Joe Joe Dancer.

Dancer is the number one contender and has a pinfall victory over the champion during the Legacy Cup in September.

But then, the winner of Alexander vs. Dancer will defend the PWF Heavyweight title against Jagger on Friday, March 20 at PWF Soul Survivor in Hubert, NC."

MARCH 20!!!

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