Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Premier Tag League Comes To Hubert

Friday night, December 26, the PWF presents its first Premier Tag League tournament and Fan Appreciation Night.

Join us for the most unique and innovative tag team tournament in pro-wrestling, in which YOU, the fans, get to pick all of the partners!

16 lucky PWF fans will pick names out of a hat and pair together the teams.

The prize: The PWF tag team titles!

That's right. Current PWF tag team champions, F1rst Generation, will surrender the title belts for this tournament in return for a cash bonus. They will then be joined in the ring by King Corino, Crystal Coast Openweight champion Nitestic Eddie Brown, Jagger, Fabulous Frankie Fontaine, Katie Taylor, PWF Jr. Heavyweight champion Colby Corino, The Monster C, Jakob Hammermeier, Joe Joe Dancer, Emmanuel Bodega, Reggie Reason, Wonderful Willie, Hector Sanchez, and Black Cloud Joe Black.

Tickets are only $5. You read that correctly! Only $5 gets you a full night of professional wrestling.

Thank you to SOBXTech, UPS Store in Cedar Point, and Dominos of Hubert for helping make this event a reality. If you are interested in sponsoring the PWF action, email us at

Order tickets right here at


  1. Random tag-teams? Wow! Endless possibilities, and loyalties tested to the breaking point. Would Mr. Everything lay down to get his partner to the next level? Would Monster C actually tag-up with the King? This will be a perfect way to finish out the year, and a fun post-Christmas show. I'll be there, and I'm bringing some new friends, and some others I brought to the last show. They had such a good time at the Iron J, they are shifting plans because their kids insisted on going!
    Love the promotion, see you there.

  2. That is awesome Bob. We are glad you are enjoying the events!