Monday, November 24, 2014

The "Hubert Screwjob"???

For about 45 seconds, the fans of the PWF were on their feet, excited for, what they thought, was the crowning of a new PWF Heavyweight champion in Jagger. But controversy was risen when President Foxx and ring announcer, Ervin Peacock, saw Cedric Alexander's foot clearly in the ropes.

Referee James Hunter had no choice but to re-start the match, leading to Cedric Alexander hitting a dazed and confused Jagger with Kick To Kill Part 2 to retain the title.


Was Alexander's foot in the ropes before the 3-count was made? Almost every fan on that side of the ring told President Foxx and us, here at, that Alexander put his foot on the ropes after the referee had already signaled for the bell.

Was this the "Hubert Screwjob"?

PWF Fans, let us know what you saw. Do you have photo proof? Send it to us at President Foxx wants to get to the bottom of this issue very quickly and make a ruling before December 1.

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  1. There is no way on God's green earth that President Foxx had a better view than the ref from the stinkin' time-keeper's table. I was ringside, it was a clean pin and Jagger deservers the strap.