Monday, October 20, 2014

Fallout From Passion Runs Deep! New Champion Crowned!

Highway Robbery!

It can be said that no one in the Premier Wrestling Federation had more momentum than Joe Joe Dancer.

In July, he became the first Crystal Coast Openweight champion, outlasting 14 other PWF wrestlers, defended the title in not only PWF, but Ring Wars Carolina. He has had stand out matches with Chip Day, Joe Black, and former ECW World champion King Corino. And then on September 21, he pinned the current PWF heavyweight champion, Cedric Alexander, en route to being the runner up in the 2014 Legacy Cup.

But then there was Nitestic Eddie Brown. The leader of The Law. A man with a badge and a bad attitude. A man that has had his deputies do all his dirty work since his PWF debut in May. A man that was suspended by President Bert Foxx for attacking an already injured Bobby Wohlfert.

October 19th will mark the day where Nitestic Eddie Brown crossed the line. 

During an interview with Joe Joe, where he wanted to speak about being not only the Crystal Coast champion, but the People's champion, he was interrupted by The Law and beaten down to the point that he had to be helped to the back by Jagger, Wohlfert, and Curt Robinson.

An angry Bert Foxx then reprimanded Nitestic Eddie Brown when it came time for their schedule Crystal Coast Openweight title match. He even told Brown that he was canceling the match, but then Dancer used more heart than brains and demanded the match to start.

Joe Joe came out on fire, taking out both members of Brown's Law and making Nitestic cower to a corner. But as he charged, Brown stuck up his knee and caught Dancer in his injured ribs. He followed it up with a spiral bomb and referee James Hunter had no choice but to stop the match and award the title to Nitestic Eddie Brown.

Dancer was admitted to the hospital after the event, where it was determined that he suffered multiple bruised ribs and recommended that he take 3-6 weeks off. Word is that Dancer is more determined to get back in the ring and will appear at this Saturday's Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment in Havelock, NC.

What does the future hold for the Crystal Coast Openweight title? Can anyone stop The Law??

The battle lines were set and the war between The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson and King Corino) and The Monster C and Mad Dog Josh Powers exploded in the SBSA Bingo Hall! The four men brawled around and finally CW Anderson scored the victory for the two-time PWF tag team champions after he super kicked The Monster C. After the match, Corino finally unmasked the impostor C, only for it to be revealed to be Mr. Wrestling 3! Then Mad Dog Powers attacked both Corino and Anderson with his steel chain. What psychological games is The Monster C playing with King Corino? Who could it be under that mask? Why did he target Corino?...PWF tag team champions, F1rst Generation, got by Team Fab, but took an old fashioned, red light style, butt kicking in the process. Fabulous Frankie Fontaine had pinned Victor Andrews to get it to a second qualifier between Lance Fontaine and James Anthony, but Fontaine was disqualified after the referee caught him with a chair, although Lance didn't use it, the referee had no choice. We are hearing word that President Foxx and Lance Fontaine had a meeting about his choice of words and actions toward a PWF official...What happened to Katie Taylor? The sweet hearted teenager that girls looked up to turned her back on the PWF fans and her friend, Chasity Taylor, at Passion Runs Deep. She even announced herself as "Pure Perfection" Katie Taylor after she defeated Chasity in controversial fashion...Puerto Rican sensation, Hector Sanchez, once again got under the skin of PWF fans with his insensitive remarks towards, well, everything...Curt Robinson, son of original PWF co-owner Rob Dimension, made a very impressive debut. The kid has a future...And finally, we have a number one contender to the PWF heavyweight honors and his name is Jagger! Him and Jakob Hammermeier went at it tooth and nail, and the match could have went either way, but the very popular Jagger came out on top and will challenge Cedric Alexander on Sunday, November 23!


Premier Wrestling Federation presents Passion Runs Deep
Sunday, October 19
Hubert Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
Hubert, NC

Bonus Match: The Law defeated TK Stark & Emmanuel (8:12) when Officer Powers pinned Emmanuel

1. PWF tag team title challenge: Fabulous Frankie Fontaine (Team Fab) defeated Victor Andrews (F1rst Generation) (9:42) after a splash.
2. WAW British World championship, V1 defense: King Corino (c) defeated Curt Robinson (CZWDojo) (10:01) after the ColbyShock.
3. Premier Womens Federation special III: Katie Taylor pinned Chasity Taylor (7:59) after  Fisherman Suplex.
4. PWF tag team title challenge: James Anthony (F1rst Generation) beat Lance Fontaine (Team Fab) by Disqualification (11:10).
5. No. 1 contendership to the PWF title: Jagger defeated Jakob Hammermeier (11:28) after the Jagger Bomb.
6. Crystal Coast Openweight title, V3 defense: Nitestic Eddie Brown defeated Joe Joe Dancer (c) (1:13). Referee Stop. Brown becomes the 2nd champion.
7. Iron J tournament prelude: Hector Sanchez beat Kris Century (5:10) by submission with the "Carlos Colon Leglock.
8. Battle Lines Drawn: The Extreme Horsemen (King Corino & CW Anderson) beat The Monster C & Mad Dog Josh Powers (14:39) when Anderson pinned C after a Superkick.

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