Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wohlfert Re-Injured...Nitestic SUSPENDED

Bobby Wohlfert was excited to appear at "The Bash" last Friday night. He was excited to tell the fans that he was planning on making his in-ring return on August 22...then The Law showed up.

Wohlfert, who's surgically repaired ankle has kept him out of action for the last four months, was getting better. Dr. Galikanokus, of Jacksonville (NC), gave him the go-ahead to return to the squared circle. But then it was Nitestic Brown and his "Law" that ruined the moment. 

The Marine from Camp Lejeune tried to defend himself, but you can only fight three men so long. Nitestic then repeatedly hit Wohlfert with his crutch, until Jo Jo Dancer and Jesse Logan made the save.

"I can take getting beat up. Its a way of life in professional wrestling." said the proud Wohlfert. "But to go three on one is what a coward does. And the worst part about this situation is that Brown did this attack in front of my family."

Dr. Galikanokus re-examined Wohlfert on Tuesday morning and gave him the bad news: No wrestling for at least six more months.

But it didn't take President Foxx too long to make a decision. Right after Nitestic Brown was eliminated from the Crystal Coast Openweight title match, he announced that Nitestic Eddie Brown would be SUSPENDED for 60 days, effective on July 12!!!

Sometimes....crime doesn't pay.

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