Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Match Announced For PWF "13": Jo Jo Dancer Faces A MONSTER!

While the young and talented Jo Jo Dancer likes to get under the skin of his home promotion, Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment, fans; he is prepared for a heartwarming homecoming on Friday, May 16 in Hubert, NC.

The Midway Park, NC native will be hearing the cheers of his friends, family, and PWF fans, but his opponent isn't pleased. His opponent: The MONSTER Ahtu Arkum.

"Do you know why my nickname is in all capitals?" the 6'3, 265 pound Arkum asked "It's because when I walk into a room, you know that I am what I say I am: A MONSTER. And nothing makes me more happy, then destroying a hometown boy. Jo Jo Dancer might dance around like he is some kind of fun pimp, but May 16, he's just going to be another chump I destroy."

It's Jo Jo Dancer vs. MONSTER Ahtu Arkum at PWF 13. Get your tickets today!!!

PWF presents "13"
Friday, May 16, 2014
Hubert Bingo Hall
Hubert, NC

Matches signed:
PWF WORLD-1 heavyweight title (decision match): Mr. Wrestling 3 (PWF) vs. CW Anderson (Free)

PWF WORLD-1 tag team title (decision match): James Anthony & Victor Andrews vs. Andrew Everett (CWF Mid-Atlantic) & American Tiger (PWF)

Jo Jo's Homecoming: Jo Jo Dancer vs. MONSTER Ahtu Arkum 

Premier Womens Federation special: Katie Taylor (SWE) vs. Mia Svensson (Sweden)

Tickets: $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13.
Purchase advance tickets via PayPal at

Visa/MasterCard accepted at the door!

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