PWF Results - 2017

PWF Results - 2017

Pro Wrestling's FUTURE: Season 17 Premiere "Serretti Family Rally"
Saturday, September 2, 2017
Boys And Girls Club

Morehead City, NC

1. Josh Young defeated Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.
2. Elijah Proctor beat Drew Thomas
3. James Anthony pinned Devin Worthy
4. Mid-Atlantic Masters champion Victor Andrews defeated Ace Fantastico
5. PWF Tag Team Titles (V3 defense): Patrick Scott and Donnie Ray defeated Zane Riley and Sully Sullivan to become the 41st champions.

Pro Wrestling's FUTURE: Tough Guys Finish First
Friday, April 21st, 2017
Hashimoto Hall

Hubert, NC

1. Luke Grimes def Donnie Ray

2. Proctor & Dillinger def Disposable Heroes
3. #1 Contenders match for Otani Openweight Championship: Dave Dawson def James Anthony and Smooth
4. PWF Tag Team Titles (V1 defense): 2 Cool Dudes Who Look Good But Also Wrestle Well (Zane Riley & Sully Sullivan) def Tough Guys (Brutal Bob Evans & Tough Tim)
5. Carolina Wrestling Academy Friendly Challenge: Curt "Hook" Robinson def Daxtin Calder
6. Mid-Atlantic Masters Title (V1 defense): "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews def Wildman Kongo
7. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V1defense): "Southern Savior" John Skyler def Zane Dawson

Pro Wrestling's Future: WrestleBowl V

Friday, February 17th, 2017
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. Hubert Havoc Street Fight: CW Anderson def Zane Dawson (Match was fought for 3 hours and ended in the main event)
2. Victor Andrews def Elijah Proctor
3. Fallout (White Mike/Brandon Dillinger) def Disposable Heroes (Dynamite Delaney/Bobby Wolhfort)
4. James Anthony def Daniel Stryder
5. Four Way Elimination Match: John Skyler def Luke Grimes, Sully Sullivan, and Zane Riley to gain a title shot at the PWF Universal Championship in the future.
6. Dave Dawson def Steven Hunter
7. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V10): “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) defeated Jagger via forfeit
(Note: Jagger boycotted the event due to Senior Official Sean Pittman not being banned from his match.)
8. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V11): "The Southern Saviour" John Skyler def "The Big Slambino" Anthony Jannazzo to become the 30th champion.

Pro Wrestling's FUTURE
Friday, January 20th, 2017
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. “Tough” Tim Hughes defeated Michele Plante
2. Francisco Ciatso w/ Stormie Lee defeated “Golden Boy” Luke Grimes
3. PWF Universal Tag Team Championship match (V1 defense): Lance Lude & Zane Riley defeated The Uncrustables (Patrick Scott & Donnie Ray) w/ Jagger to retain the titles
4. Kings Road Rumble for #1 Contendership for the PWF Universal Championship: Jagger
5. Mid-Atlantic Masters Title (V1): Victor Andrews defeated “Brutal” Bob Evans (c) to become the 3rd Champion
6. 6-man Tag Match: The Extreme Horsemen (John Skyler, CW Anderson, & Preston Quinn) defeated Ricky Morton, James Drake, & Zane Dawson
7. Fatal Four-Way: Josh Powers defeated Sully Sullivan, Chip Day & Rob Killjoy
8. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Title (V2 defense): Timmy Lou Retton (5th Champion) defeated James Anthony
9. PWF Universal Heavyweight Title (V9): “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo (29th Champion) defeated Wildman Kongo

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